• Aidan, Pastel, Glitches

  • Mostly xe/xyr (sometimes they/them, she/her, he/him, etc)

  • 16

  • Bisexual/questioning aro-jump

  • Non-binary/genderfluid/demiflux/masc-spike

  • Polyamorous

  • Queerplatonically partnered

  • ADHD, social anxiety, dyslexic, forgetful, insomniac

  • White american

  • Respectful/supportive atheist

  • Multifandom MESS


Do Not Interact

  • Nazi, all lives matter, blue lives matter, antisemetic, Islamphobic, racist

  • Aro/ace/non-binary/m-spec exclusionist, anti-mogai, transmed, transcum, trumed, terf, swerf, gender critical, anti-kin, polyamphobic, any flavor of queerphobic

  • Sexist, ableist, victim blamer, sex worker phobic, pro-life, anti-vax

  • Non-con, lolicon/map/nomap/pedophile, pro-ship, anti anti, incest supporter (includes step/adoptive/foster)

Before You Follow

  • Black Lives Matter, All Cops Are Bastards, Antifacist, Queer Rights, pro-choice, Silence Is Violence, Complacency Is Complicity, FUCK CAPITALISM

  • B cluster disorders and DID/OSDD systems are not inherently evil, they are more likely to be victims of abuse than perpetrators of it

  • Self-diagnosing isn't hamrful to other neurodivergents

  • M-spec and/or non-binary lesbians do not harm the community

  • Non-binary people are included in every sexuality

  • Abuse survivors are welcomed here, including victims of incest, it does not matter whether the abuse was physical. I try to tag posts that talk about this

  • Age gaps matter especially when you're kids/you are a kid

  • Furries are oversexualised for a community filled with mainly queers and minors, that being said I do not support the fetishization of animals

  • Nudity is not inherently sexual

  • I usually stop tagging spoilers about three days in

  • Currently on-and-off hiatus due to broken phone and computer availability